Author Topic: Interested Kenyan Women Looking for Romance and Dating  (Read 1640 times)

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Interested Kenyan Women Looking for Romance and Dating
« on: July 28, 2013, 11:40:58 AM »
Many people are remaining single in Kenya just because they have bought that line that good women don't exist. In fact the scandals rocking our nation may just be enough to make many men reconsider  dating. From infidelity in marriages to bestiality the whole picture looks grim, but is it that bad? Are there Kenyan women who are date-able?

The answer to the above question doesn't come from me telling you to jump into hot water, neither is running for the hills a solution. Like many problems in life you just have to try. I have faith that you won't be disappointed. The problem with us humans is that we tend to look at a very bad situation that we become blind to the good around us. The couple you just saw holding hands weren't faking it, they were for real, and Kenyan too.

Go out and start meeting as many women as possible. Pick up is a game of numbers and your mastery of women is a matter of chance. Take as many chances as might fall by your wayside. Never hesitate to help a woman in need or throw some vibe to that chiq who was just checking you out.

Many people claim that when you embark on dating, you should be prepared to burn a hole in your pocket. This is only true for the people who can't plan or those who can't turn cheap dates into great ones. You can easily Google first date ideas to meet women without running your bank account dry.

The other way to go about it is getting an account with a dating site. Nowadays you can easily get many free dating sites where you can meet as many singles as you want. You can date women even before you meet them in real life. You can get to know the women who interest you and what are your chances of making it past the friend zone. I would recommend internet dating for all guys. It also hones your pick up skills and helps you overcome shyness for those who can't hesitate to cover their faces.

You can also find women by liking Facebook pages that hook up people with other singles. You probably have a Facebook account so the rest should be easy.

The hardest thing in this world is not finding someone for yourself but staying alone. Don't be a loner when there are so many women out there who would go out of their way to date such a great guy like you. It only takes some little courage and you will be swimming in relationship bliss.

Help yourself beat the cold weather. Take a chance at love today.

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Re: Interested Kenyan Women Looking for Romance and Dating
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Great couple^^^ Craaazy!!!

Re: Interested Kenyan Women Looking for Romance and Dating
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