Author Topic: Tips to Finding a Date: Learn where the Ladies Hang Out  (Read 1275 times)

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Tips to Finding a Date: Learn where the Ladies Hang Out
« on: August 06, 2013, 11:16:10 AM »
Many of the things we do in life are for the simple fact we are looking for love. We go to such great lengths to ensure we meet the girl of our dreams. For example, boy works hard in school, so he can get a good job and have the girl of his dreams.

It can therefore be disheartening if you have found success but you don't seem to find love. Actually most people think that girls are going to throw themselves at you just because you found lots of money. Well, that might be true if you are only looking for gold diggers who will leave immediately your fortunes begin to dwindle. If you are looking for someone for the long haul then you need to look at character and not just looks or delusions of love. you need to meet more women so you can hone your skills and be able to go through pick up like a breeze, without having to give it a thought.

I always say that it is a good idea to find genuine people who are seriously looking for love. Don't fall for a chick that only cares about how fat your wallet is. Truly you need to spend when dating but make sure you know what you are doing. Make sure you don't have to regret later. Don't even make it a habit to spend when dating, find ways of treating women without having to dent your pocket. You will be surprised by how many women will be impressed by your ingenuity.

Finding women for dating is very easy. Just hang out where the ladies go. Here are a few pointers on where to go.

Musical Events- They come in hordes especially those free for girls before ten. You are going to have lots of fun meeting girls who are out to have fun. Make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest. However, picking up girls here for a serious relationship may be a bit tricky because women may not take men at bars and bashes seriously. They think this are just guys who are out for one nights stands, nothing serious. You could easily end up playing good guy all along when all she wanted was something for the night and for the memories.

College- If you are in campus then you should at least thank those people who championed for girl education. We have more women in our colleges than ever before. Chances are that the next batch of students will be mostly sexy angels. You will never lack a college student who thinks fun is getting it on. If you are not necessarily studying why not find a buddy in college you can hang around with and have fun meeting these super beauties. It surely pays to work hard in school.

Weddings and Social Events- There is this lovey dovey feeling in the air when two people commit themselves to life-long union of love. It is the greatest show of love. Picking up girls around these places is always a breeze. Most of them are usually looking to live the dream of their love lives in one day. If you are the best driver she has ever had, you get to keep the keys to love ignition.

Hook Up Events- You must have heard events like the ' Annual Singles Bash'. Contrary to what you might think, many people flock here looking for hooks to single men and women. The hunters have their armor ready and the hunted know it's a long night or day and are ready to fall or rise in love or a blossoming relationship. Everybody knows what they are going to do there. No need to ask stupid questions like, ''Are you single?"

Facebook- The girls are will be a bigger challenge as not many people come here to look for love. Most are just trying to have fun online. However if you are not turned off by challenge take a chances and inbox her, maybe chat for a while then move the relationship offline. Next time she might be coming to your house

Local Dating Sites- We have so many dating sites that cater solely for Kenyans. A dating site like Free dating for rich people is an easy way to find love online without spending anything. Give it a try today and see how your relationships with the opposite sex change.

Tips to Finding a Date: Learn where the Ladies Hang Out
« on: August 06, 2013, 11:16:10 AM »