Author Topic: How to Succeed in Dating - Tips for Finding a Healthy Relationship  (Read 1322 times)

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Are you looking for love? Wondering how you can easily get a serious date, a lovely momma or that dude who is going to make your friends green with envy? Search no further. Now you can find someone for yourself without having to spend a fortune.

Most guys approach to dating is going out on as many dates as possible. They end up spending a lot of money with nothing to show for it. Out of bitterness, these guys will go ahead and label all women as gold diggers just because he took her out and never got some.

On the other women will meet many men without success because they never took time to know them. There are even instances where women face violence in first dates because they never took time to learn more about the person they are going to meet.

The solution to this entire problem is to try to get to know the person you want to meet even before you give them your phone number. Internet dating allows you to meet and message as many people as possible, get to know them and gauge whether it is safe to meet them.

You also get to practice on pick up and hone your skills and be better at picking up men or women. When you consider that pick up is a game of numbers, you want to try meeting as many people as possible. It will help you know what kind of people you are comfortable with and by trying as many people as possible; you will increase your chances of meeting the date of your dreams.

Find a free dating site that meets your fancy and grab your membership. Write a good profile of yourself and remember to include a cute photo of yourself. Profiles with photos get more views as they are usually highlighted on dating sites. Nobody wants to talk to that ugly icon they give to profiles without photos. There is a saying that a photo is worth a million words and I am sure that would never fit in your description space. Get one done professionally; it won’t cost you anything more than just lunch money.

Of the many websites that I have tried out there, there is one I would like to share with you. Free dating for rich people gives you the best chance of a hook up without any hassles. It’s not only a free personals website in Kenya but all for singles from all over the world. Membership is in the thousands and still growing. You can join and use for free.

Some of the features that are available include:
•   Hot or not profile matchmaking
•   Handpicked profiles to ensure only the best get in.
•   Thousands of singles interested in serious relationships.
•   Report troublesome people.
•   Opt out anytime you want without complications.
•   It’s absolutely free to use and have a very easy to use interface.

If there was one dating site I would vouch for, it would be this one. Try free dating and discover why every person in there has a rich personality.