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How to Date Her Exclusively
« on: September 06, 2013, 12:13:11 AM »
Are you ready to make a make a commitment? Many men I know have commitment phobias just because it comes with so much insecurity. You don’t know whether she is still seeing her ex who still calls her. You don’t know whether you should stop seeing other women and what that action will affect your relationship with the current one. You don’t even know whether it’s ok to call every night just to say good night and whether it makes you come off as needy?

So what does a man do? Are you ready to date her exclusively or does it come with more insecurities than you can handle?

So what goes through a woman’s mind when she wants to be exclusive with a man and how can you use it to be a better man? Here is a look through female psychology.

For one a woman wonders whether you feel anything about her and whether you are able to provide enough mystery to keep the relationship exciting and fun. You should learn to keep your lips sealed because it prevents you from revealing all your cards before her interest level rises. Get to know her first and only answer her questions then return the conversation to something about her or something else. The key is to keep her guessing about you as this will make her think more about you and subsequently develop interest.

She definitely enjoys your time with her together. She might even desire to see you again. She wonders what you think about her and where the two of you stand together. Believe me this stuff plays a lot in women’s minds and it’s how you carry yourself during this critical period that will determine whether you will be forever or just another guy who used to hit on me.

A woman will also have some self-doubts. She will think whether you are the one for her and when you are going to have ‘the conversation’. She will wonder what you tell other guys about her and whether you two are on the same page.

The last stage of her attraction to you is where she is filled by your presence and does not want to see other guys. She definitely hopes you feel the same way too and it’s important to her. You might ask yourself, what does it take to get here?

For one, let things happen naturally. Most guys rush in and spoil everything instead of letting her chase you. All you have is to raise her interest levels (mystery is key for this) and then let her keep falling for you every single day.

You will come to know that you are an exclusive item when you are totally comfortable with calling her every night or showing her to your friends. If she can come to that dinner party at your office, it would be a good sign too. Remember asking her whether she wants to be your girlfriend does not do the same magic it does when you were a teen. Be keen on reading her interest levels and acting appropriately.

Once she is yours, then the real game begins and you have to develop the vibe, the lines and mastery of her that keep her hooked to you for life.

How to Date Her Exclusively
« on: September 06, 2013, 12:13:11 AM »