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Tips on how to get over your Ex-Boyfriend
« on: May 28, 2015, 05:52:30 PM »
So you dumped your boyfriend and you are now single? Or maybe he dumped you and you can’t help missing him. It can be a hard and trying period for you. This hurts even more if you really loved him and you had high hopes for your relationship. Sometimes life is cruel and what we want most escapes us. What to do? Here are tips to get you on your feet after a nasty break up.

Try to get him off your mind – This can be very hard especially if he is all you can think about. You are hurting and wonder why anyone you love so much would leave you just like that. This is a normal reaction and you are on your way to getting better. You need to spend your time with your friends or hang out in fun places to keep thoughts of your ex-boyfriend away.

Come out stronger and experienced – Most times pain in our lives tells us that we are doing something wrong. We should take this opportunity to learn and avoid such situations in the future. You might not have noticed but maybe you ignored so many red flags and that is why you got hurt. Learn from your mistakes and ensure you never go through the same again.

Take your time; love takes time to wear off – Don’t be in a rush to forget him. After all you loved him, why pain yourself by fooling yourself that he wasn’t that much when you know your whole heart loved him. Take time to let go of the pain. You may need a shoulder to cry on like your female friends or a trusted male friend.

Karma is real, don’t go for revenge – Cheating is one of the many causes of break ups. The problem is that many women think that cheating on your man after he did the same to you makes you two square. Well it doesn’t. Women on the rebound are the easiest to lay and chances the man you undress for will only be using you. Remember that it will hurt more if the men just take a dip and run for the hills. Before you do anything stupid, talk to your female friends. They will be able to get you out of the situation better than anybody else. They are after all women who go through the same things.

Understand why you could never be – Your ex owes you an explanation. Even though you should never beg him to forgive you, you should ask him why he broke your heart. Reflect on why your relationship would never be forever. Take a look at the things that made you break up and if they could be avoided. Life is all about learning so we can get better.

Do away with things that remind you of him – I made a promise to myself that I will never memorize a lovers number unless we are committed or married. I hope you haven’t made the mistake of putting his number to memory. If not, delete it from your phone and throw away or burn notes with it. Things that he gave you that remind you of him have to go. Well I wouldn’t say you give away the beach house or car but your happiness is better than possessions.

Don’t keep on reflecting why things went bad – Things will never make sense to you. You are better off finding an activity that improves your life. Take dancing lessons or learn a foreign language. Just to keep yourself busy. Remember that next time your ex meets you they should wonder why they were so stupid to let you go. Never sink low, always use your moments of loss as a springboard and reach out for better things.

Don’t lose your confidence – Always remember to smile because you are a special woman. No man in this world can take that away from you. When one man is treating you like trash, there is another one who wishes you were his queen so he can appreciate you. Keep your head high and be ready for your life to get better.

Dress to look amazing – Break ups are some of the best times to get your sexy back. Most people in relationships tend to relax the rules on looking good. Surprise your ex with a glimpse of the beauty he lost.

Smile – There is nothing like the smile on your lips.

Never let bad relationships bring you down. If a break up left you wounded, promise yourself to heal and bring your life back on track.

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Tips on how to get over your Ex-Boyfriend
« on: May 28, 2015, 05:52:30 PM »