Author Topic: How to get over your Ex-Girlfriend – Tips for moving on  (Read 1588 times)

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How to get over your Ex-Girlfriend – Tips for moving on
« on: May 28, 2015, 05:57:36 PM »
It’s over. She has moved on. Apparently it took a lot of time for her to figure out that you weren’t the greatest guy ever. You have been used to the relationship and maybe some regular sex and it sucks to be alone. You feel the need of calling her and asking her back. Well, don’t. Chances are that she is going to turn you down and you will end up feeling low. More like the doldrums. When women decide to move on, they are surely ready to let go and never look back. It hurts to lose a person you love but hey, some birds can’t be caged. It’s time to move on. Forget her and erase her from your mind.

She is not that great

If a woman ever feels that her man loves her more than her interest in the relationship, there can only be trouble. Chances are that this is the reason she dumped you. You put her on a pedestal. There was no challenge and so she left. Now it’s time to take her off that pedestal and start meeting other women. You continue obsessing over one girl and it turns into an obsession.

Meet other Women

If you have been in a steady relationship chances are that you didn’t take time to notice how many beautiful women are still single. I mean take a look around. Men are like outnumbered by women. The number of men who are ‘dateable’ are even less than that. Things can only be better for you because more women mean more fun. Dating is fun. Take some time and take out a beautiful girl on a date. If you are not a ninja with women, take some time brush up on some pick up ideas. You can start online and meet some girls. It’s easy and fun.

If it helps you move on ask her why she dumped you

She definitely owes you an explanation. Maybe she never loved you enough. Or you suck in the sack. It might help you become a better man in the future. She might come out strongly and reject you. Something like “I have never loved you and never will”. It’s called closure and is good for your healing process.  If she went to dig for more gold then you can be glad you avoided a ticking bomb. Divorce costs way more than dating.

Avoid contacting her

I hope you avoided the mistake of cramming her number. It has never been a very good idea. Not unless she is your wife or you really love her. Now delete it from your phone book. You can throw away pieces of paper where you jotted it down. The idea is to minimize your chances of contacting her. If you love to hit the bottle then you don’t want to be the guy calling her in the dead of the night with a drunken voice. It makes you look like you need rehab.

Avoid the places where she and her friends hang out

Out of sight out of mind. The more you see her (with other men), the more you will think of her. It is better for you if she sees you with other women and knows you have moved on. If you keep meeting her you might bring back memories. Or grow obsession.  Practice more one getting numbers of other girls and going on dates.

Don’t ask for your gifts back

Unless it’s an expensive car, some diamond ring or something sentimental avoid asking for it. Those things will always remind you of her. Sad memories. You don’t want that. Let her keep it. She might show it to her next boyfriend. Or look at them and remember you. That is how you keep her from pushing you into obscurity, if you don’t want it.

Throw away anything that reminds you of her

Gifts like clothes can be given to charity. Gifts that are of no value can be thrown away or burnt. If you have an expensive gift like a watch you can sell it and use the money to buy your buddies a drink. They will be your biggest help in moving on. You should hang out more often with them.

Sleep with another girl

It will make you feel better. Give you a glimpse of what you have been missing. New found sex is always more enjoyable. Take time to exercise your new found freedom. Seducing a girl she is friends with can make you feel better. Make sure you are game on and win.  Remember to use protection. STD’s and unwanted children are a problem for society. Avoid contributing to the problem.

Remember the bad things she did to you

Love is blind and lovers cannot see. You have probably heard that. You might have been overlooking so many things. Like her bad weave! Or that she was lousy in bed or wasn’t fun enough to hang out with your friends and share a laugh, and a bottle. Get the bi**h out of your life and move on to worthier women. You deserve better.

You are always better moving on. You will love it.

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How to get over your Ex-Girlfriend – Tips for moving on
« on: May 28, 2015, 05:57:36 PM »