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How to treat a stab wound
« on: August 04, 2016, 01:00:03 PM »
If this is an emergency: stay calm; seek medical attention. If you have a knife or stabbing weapon inside of you: do not remove it. If you already have: apply pressure to stop the bleeding. What's going on, guys?
I am here with another quick tip and the question today is: how can I tend to a wound if I've been stabbed?
 So the things that cause death from stabbings are organ failure, blood loss, shock, and infection, okay. So if you've been stabbed first things first: if the knife or stabbing weapon is still inside of you, do not remove it. Don't take it out, because then that's going to cause more blood flow. Also if it's around the chest area, if it punctured the lung, you don't allow air to go in, because then that's going to collapse the lung. So leave it in there. If someone stabbed you multiple times, tend to the biggest wound first, okay? The one that seems to be spewing the most blood. If it's somewhere that is spewing like a geyser of blood then it probably hit an artery; tend to that one first, okay? Apply pressure. We're not gonna talk about tourniquets, because if you haven't practiced, and if you don't understand when to use tourniquets, then you're not going to remember this in a high-intensity situation like if you've been stabbed.
 So what I want you to remember is to apply pressure to these wounds, okay? If it's a big gaping wound and you can't seem to stop it with anything else then you have to stuff it, okay? But remember I said that infection is a main cause of death.
If someone stabbed you with a dirty knife or you're in a dirty area, you want to try to keep it as clean as possible. So if your shirt is clean, that's great. Use that. But if you can use something sterile that's around, like a first aid kit, that's even better. You want to try to clog it up, stanch the wound, and then apply tape around it, to keep it in place. But the number one thing with all of this is make sure you're seeking professional medical attention. If it's a bad stab, or  there's multiple stabs, because of infection, because of the organ failure, because of internal bleeding, these are the kind of situations that you need to be in a hospital; you need to be in the emergency room for.
 So this is just to prolong it so that you can get there and you can get there safe. Stay calm so you can keep your heart rate down, which is easier said than done, but just remember the more you panic, the more your heart is gonna pump, and pump blood into the open wound and spew out. You don't want that to happen, so stay calm, breathe, close up, apply pressure and make it to the ER.
I can't stress that enough. Avoidance is even better than tending to the wound after you've been stabbed.

How to treat a stab wound
« on: August 04, 2016, 01:00:03 PM »