Author Topic: SIGNS OF A CHEATING SPOUSE  (Read 529 times)

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« on: August 25, 2016, 09:00:07 PM »
1) You find birth-control pills in her medicine cabinet, and you've had a vasectomy.

2) Your cheating husband or wife stops confiding in you and seeking advice from you.

3) Sets up a new e-mail account and doesn't tell you about it.

4) She buys a cell phone and doesn't let you know.

5) He sets up a separate cell phone account that is billed to his office.

6) The cheating husband carries condoms, and you are on the pill.

7) Begins to delete all incoming phone calls from the caller ID.

8) Deletes all incoming e-mails when they used to accumulate.

9) Raises hypothetical questions such as, "Do you think it's possible to love more than one person at a time?"

10) He buys himself new underwear.

11) Suddenly wants to try new love techniques.

12) He/she fairly suddenly stops having sex with you.

13) He/she suddenly wants more sex, more often.

14) Shows a sudden interest in a different type of music.

15) Spouse's co-workers are uncomfortable in your presence.

16) Has a sudden preoccupation with his or her appearance.

17) Spends an excessive amount of time on the computer, especially after you have gone to bed.

18) His/her clothes smell of an unfamiliar perfume or after-shave. You see lipstick on your husband's shirt.

19) The amount of money being deposited into your checking account drops off.

20) You find items of intimate apparel or other small gift-type items that you did not give your spouse.

21) Your spouse seems less comfortable around you and is "touchy" and easily moved to anger.

22) You get calls where the caller hangs up when he or she hears your voice.

23) Your intuition (gut feeling) tells you that something is not right.

24) He/she has a definite change in attitude towards everyone in the home.

25) She uses a low voice or whisper on the phone or hangs up quickly.

« on: August 25, 2016, 09:00:07 PM »