Author Topic: This is the CV of Omolo-Kochiko, a class 3 drop out sent to a law firm...  (Read 2397 times)

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NAME; Omolo-Kochiko nyakwar Nyasirega motedoSidindi
AGE; boy has enoughed me maratari. am still
young nyowuoyo, am still mapoch poch. am
just 37 years old.
ADDRESS; PO BOX pravet bag Sidindi sopping
senta, when you rich theya just ask the cobler
who sits niya the m-pesa for 'misee', am
knownas 'misee' in the chest of the village. i
nomally sit theya to take air small.
1975-1980 kilass1 ong'eche praimar.
1981-1984 kilass2 siburi spesial sikul for the
1985-2000 kilass3 pand paya praimar(term
wan and term tu, in tam thirii buk beat me
kansu, i found myself offsaid)
to cut the sot stori long, am a third yia
grajuet, from sikul karabondi after being
evicted from pand paya, for not saving my
beards. so i grajuated with fast kilass onas in
matha tang fluency from sikul karabondi.
WORKING EXPERIENCE; i have wakd in several
posisons at several instusons like
-soe management at oriang' maket,
-baskel therapy and dayagnostics at kondele(bicycle repairer),
-road attendant and road transpot
ticket handler(conduct er),
-mobile and flexible niutrisonist at nyargem wayside otel
-M-pesa also available(waite r),
-automobile sprayer expat(car washer) at lower millimani(nyale nda),
-am also a livestock tourist (herdsma n) etc etc..
HOBBIES; taking air, drinking porrij and nyoyo,
pocket clearing and forwarding(pick
pocket), beating lam(tarmacking) , i also like
to give women stomach in the chest of the
village etc etc
1. nyargem-manager at nyagem wayside
otel, mobile 0711000000
2. mr. opande-headmast er at sikul
karabondi, mobile 0732000000
3. wuod sakwa-head, cobler agencies oriang'
market, mobile siyuko yeye hapana kuwa na
sime podi.
4. nyang'aya-manag er nyalender carwas.
5. wanyama-polis commisona kondele.
6. okwama, assistant chief, kanyakwar
MISSION; nyuka(porrige), rabwon(potatoes
), nyoyo, mogo(unga)
VISION; to finis class eight and join drama
festivals like otonglo so that president ohuru
can adopt me and take me to mbalariany to
sitadi medising and injiniaring.
Hoping to hear soon. my number is
072123456, if it is mteja, it is charging e
center where i took it.