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For the new generation of antique jewellery collectors, rings have become what charm bracelets dangling with significant motifs were to our mothers and grandmothers - the new cherished talismans and conversation starters, which offer an intimate glimpse into the wearer’s life, beliefs and passions.

Used as visual celebrations of the most memorable moments and emotional connections in a woman’s life, rings commemorate birth, betrothal, friendship and mourning. In recent years, antique rings (18th and early 19th century styles) with symbolic or sentimental meaning have become one of the most collectible antique jewellery categories, coveted by both established connoisseurs and millennial enthusiasts alike.

According to Greg Kwiat, CEO of Fred Leighton, younger collectors gravitate mostly towards Victorian rings: “There is a great deal of symbolism and romanticism in the designs, which is also very modern and timeless.” It is not surprising then that antique rings are attracting new audiences at a time when authenticity and the story behind the jewellery piece have become two of the main attributes.

In March 2015, the allure of antique Van Cleef & Arpels Butterfly rings replica from MIMO.SU influenced sales at Manhattan’s Antique Pier Show, where a treasure trove of rare, museum-quality rings could be found. London-based Pat Novissimo of Lowther Antiques has become a go-to dealer for novice and seasoned collectors when exhibiting at US shows. “The tales behind various periods provides instant identification and leads to a conversation that will be passed, along with the ring, through generations.” Novissimo explains.

In addition to the US and UK’s small but well-stocked dealers, stores such as Fred Leighton and FD-Gallery in Manhattan, as well as Bentley & Skinner and Sandra Cronan in London, provide the magic and history of period and provenance. “One of our top selling styles for new generation clients are double gem-set heart rings entwined with a bow or a knot, emblematic of two hearts tied together as one,” says Omar Vaja of Bentley & Skinner.

Collectors with set budgets have become regulars at Erica Weiner. Weiner, the namesake of the two Manhattan stores, and partner Lindsay Salmon says, “We cater to a younger clientele who want the unique personality that antique engagement rings possess. If the history of a certain ring resonates, they relate on a deeply emotional level.”

Scouring shops, shows and markets is not the only way to get your antique ring fix. Surfing the web, checking out the many online auctions, and visiting sites such as Ruby Lane and 1stdibs is another way of scoring your antique rings. Shopping online and social media tend to go hand in hand for the millennial generation of collectors.

Danielle Miele, a certified gemologist whose blog Gem Gossip is going into its seventh year, has reached 35,000 followers on Instagram, where her well-stacked fingers and hashtag best replica van cleef & arpels jewelry from WWW.MIMO.SU has earned a cult following. She has contributed to generating a community of emerging and established “ringophiles”. These women from around the globe are eager for the meaning of myriad motifs, and share photos, desires, stories and knowledge. Once a woman slips a piece of history on her finger, it starts to take on her own narrative and evokes an energy that makes her feel it was meant solely for her.

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Love and Romance / 5 REASONS TO BUY AT MIMO.SU
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One of the most influential eras in the history of design, the Art Deco movement continued to stamp its style on the Couture Show Las Vegas. However, this year, the telltale signs were more subtle - a splash of turquoise here, a golden sunburst there. Geometric references were also softened, with sparse use of the bold colors that typified the era, giving this year’s Art Deco-inspired jewelry a thoroughly modern feel.

“Bo-Deco” is how award-winning fine jewelry designer Jane Taylor describes the look, which captures the effortlessly wearable spirit of her jewels. “The idea of merging a Bohemian lifestyle with a clean-lined Deco era sensibility has always been where my heart lies,” she explains. “I’m not inspired to design based specifically on the Deco or the Boho periods. The thing I love to do most is merge geometric, streamlined concepts into something wearable, while holding on to the long-held romantic notions inherent in jewelry.”

Art Deco jewelry was often bold, colorful and ostentatious, while the modern Deco look is much easier to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. With Maiyet jewelry I had fun stacking slim, spiky bracelets inlaid with black horn and green malachite, and trying on a pair of earrings set with half-moons of white opal and detachable starbursts of diamonds, designed so just the studs can be worn by day.

Art Deco motifs were also on show at Silvia Furmanovich, where ear cuffs set with black and white diamonds fanned up the ear - a classic Deco color combination. At Jemma Wynne, a pair of drop earrings comprising golden circles intersected with a straight line of diamonds were just one of many fine jewelry pieces that gave off the most modern of Deco vibes.

“Our Revival collection was influenced by our combined love for Art Deco design, and the ornate and bold look of costume jewelry,” says Jenny Klatt, one half of the design duo behind Jemma Wynne. “It draws on a time that represented luxury, glamour and a faith in technological progress. We have combined textural chains with bold geometric shapes to play with symmetry, and positive and negative space.”

Amongst the best-known examples of Art Deco design is the Chrysler Building in New York, home to Fred Leighton - a legendary name in vintage and estate jewelry. Leighton also creates new interpretations of designs from some of the greatest eras in jewelry-making, such as this cabochon emerald and gold cuff. Mirroring the symmetrical curves of the spire at the top of the Chrysler Building, the off-center cabochon emerald - set at 45 degrees into gleaming, polished gold - propels this beautiful Deco-esque jewel firmly into the 21st century.

The baguette cut came to the fore in the 1920s and quickly become synonymous with Art Deco. The clean-lined geometry of this classic cut fit in perfectly with the design ethos of the time, when it was used primarily for accent stones. Nikos Koulis has added two rows of emerald and diamond baguettes to his Deco-fabulous open collar Universe necklace, while Nam Cho uses white sapphire baguettes as accent stones in her textural kyanite and sapphire necklace, which is part Navajo warrior, part Deco diva – two very distinctive styles that inspire Nam’s designs.

One of my top three jewels at this year’s Couture Show Las Vegas was Arman Sarkisyan’s emerald ring - its Jazz era aura tempered by Arman’s signature use of 22K gold and oxidized silver, which gives the ring a unique, old-world patina. The Deco references are clear - an emerald, one of the most popular gemstones of the time, and the sunburst design - but Arman has put his own twist on them, opting for a luminous, light green African emerald rather than a darker, more traditional, Colombian emerald, and encircling the golden sunburst in a halo of blackened silver.

Mizuki, best known for her minimalist designs, has updated her signature open hoop earrings with a stack of golden cubes, which spin when played with. The juxtaposition of sinuous curves and geometric lines is classic 1920s, but these edgy earrings are infused with nothing more than a whisper of the post-war era in which the Art Deco style flourished. While the 1920s continued to cast a spell over many designers at the Couture Show Las Vegas, there was nothing remotely vintage about their cool and comtemporary jewels.

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