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Kenyans are a hard working lot. I get inspired by guys who go at great lengths to earn a respectable living despite the odds. You have probably heard that if you can make it in Kenya, you can make it anywhere. Making money online is one of the ways you can earn some good money. Freelancing is especially popular with university students. Writing essays will also enable you to make a quick shilling. There is never a limit to how you can make money online. Every minute somebody invents a new way of making money. Thousands of people are looking to hire and for a skilled Kenyan, you can get paid for your skills. It will also help you practice your knowledge and improve your professional capabilities.

Receiving payments for work done can be frustrating for people who are starting out. The biggest payment provider PayPal doesn’t pay to Kenya Paypal now paying to Kenya via Equity Bank. There are ways you can get around this of course. You can even get your money to Mpesa. The problem is that these services involve lots of money changing hands and everybody charges for handling your money. Your tidy sum can be reduced substantially by the time you get your confirmation message and are able to withdraw. If you work hard for your money, you don’t want to waste it this way. One payment processor is good enough. You are taxed once and pay for the service only once. It is only fair that way.

How to get paid
This is probably your biggest concern for now. You can’t wait to withdraw the money you just made. Did you know that if you had a Payoneer card you could access your money anytime anywhere you see a MasterCard sign? That is thousands of ATMs in Kenya. Nearly all banks in Kenya have a partnership with MasterCard and you can withdraw your money from their ATMs.

Even better is going shopping with your card. Shopping is always free and is a better way of spending your money than withdrawing it. Say you want to buy a Television set. Instead of withdrawing your money from an ATM and get charged for it, use the card to pay for the TV at no charge whatsoever. This will save you a lot.

The US Payment Service

When you get your card (it will be posted to you), login to your account and activate it. If you are serious about making money online, apply for the US Payment service. This allows you to receive money from Skrill(Moneybookers), PayPal, oDesk, Elance as well as a host of other US companies. Amazon affiliate marketers will be happy to know you are covered too. All that is required is a copy of your ID (scan both sides), and proof of online activity. These are just security checks to prevent money laundering.

Advantages of a Payoneer Card
•   Enables you to operate a virtual US bank account. Manage your money just like you lived in the United States.
•   Enables you to withdraw money from different ATMs worldwide. Not just in Kenya. Just look for the MasterCard sign.
•   Shop with your card. You can spend the money that is loaded on your card to pay for your shopping from different stores worldwide.
•   Save your money. Bank wire charges more and if you are not moving bulk amounts of money you should avoid it. It also takes time. 3-8 business days.
•   The card has no monthly charges if the balance is zero. If you don’t plan to use your card for a long time, just withdraw all your money. You can also shop to the last dollar.
•   It is a debit card. If you are scared of credit cards, be assured that you only spend the money in your card. No loans with big interests.

When I applied for my card, it was through an affiliate program. I was promoting some goods for a US company and this was the only sensible way to get paid. Though it took several weeks for the card to arrive once I had it, I could access money paid for my services that I offer to clients worldwide. ATM cards locally take roughly the same time to get processed.

Keeping your card secure
Some ATMs will ‘eat’ your card if you try to withdraw and you have no funds. Personally I use PesaPoint as they don’t swallow cards. It is an important asset and if you make money on the web, you will want to keep it once you get it.

If your card gets lost, contact Payoneer immediately. They will help you protect your money and replace your card.

Apply for your card today
and get tons of benefits. You get $25 by joing through the link I have provided. Some good money to start you off. You will also be inspired to work more as you know you get paid easily.

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